Continuing to trend: Reclining/Motion Seating & Home Theatre Seating, the reason ... COMFORT!

Achieve ultimate comfort; for your lounging and/or viewing pleasure. Take a look at one of our best sellers...

This modern design - has deep, plush, seats designed to ‘sink into’, further enhanced by a lumbar support that offers a soft yet structured seat. Power headrest and footrest allow for personalized comfort. The sleek and easy to use activation switch, includes USB charging. Each button is shaped differently for easy touch-identification. A convenient home button, activated with a single touch, will return all power functions to the fully closed position.

This collection boasts plush fibre-filled back cushions that are topped with a layer of memory foam that molds to the body. Highlighted by a topstitch detail that offers added comfort and visual appeal to the collection, the back cushions are complemented by plush pillow-top arms.

Available in many configurations, choose a sofa, loveseat, chair or configure your own sectional design to bet suit your home and choice of leather or fabric.

Shown is one style, a mere sampling of what’s in-store when you come to one of our locations. We have so much choice, which translates to so much opportunity for you to create exactly what you need in your living space. Come in and speak to one of our Sales Professionals; bring your room dimensions and pictures and enjoy a great Chesterfield Shop shopping’ experience.!


Come in, have a look around, have a seat and find what ‘fits’ you best!

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