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How exciting! You’ve decided on your new sofa or sectional and now to be sure it will fit beautifully in your home.

Determine the ‘path’ the furniture will take from the delivery truck to its final destination inside of your home, condo or apartment. Measure the height and width of every doorway, wall opening, hallway, staircase, stairwell overhang/ceiling height and elevator opening, interior height and opposite wall distance.

With over 7 decades of experience in delivering sofas, we can tell you that most of our pieces should fit in any place where we can stand it on its end.

Here’s a simple formula you can use to figure out whether or not there is sufficient diagonal clearance to do so:

  1. Multiply the length in inches, by itself. for example, 84” x 84”
  2. Multiply depth or height (whichever is greater) by itself. for example, 34” x 34”
  3. Add these 2 numbers together and then find the square root by the pressing the square root symbol ( √ ) on your calculator. Round this off to a whole number.
  4. Now add 2” to this number, this is the minimum number of inches in ceiling, height, needed to stand your sofa on end.

Therefore, 93” is the minimum ceiling height needed to stand your sofa on end and fit it into your home.

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