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Maintaining Feather Furniture

The Chesterfield Shop
Published on May 28, 2024

Feather filled upholstery furniture offers a comfortable and luxurious feeling. Our feather seating is soft, insulting and hypoallergenic. The feather and fibre blend of the cushion provides maximum comfort. Feather filled cushions are a full shape that conforms to your body and allows you to sink down into cushions for a relaxed and cozy experience.

Feather cushions will, by design, flatten, wrinkle and soften. We suggest you fluff these cushions same as you would fluff the feather or down pillow you sleep on. To help maintain the fullness of feather filled cushions here are some helpful tips:

  1. Frequently Rotate and Flip - Turn the seat cushions and back cushions over and rearrange them so that the couch wears evenly.
  2. Beating and Fluffing - Pick up the cushions, turn them over a few times and shake them to redistribute the feathers evenly throughout.
  3. Bunching - With the fabric casing on, push the feathers around and bunch your hands together. If you want you can undo the zipper on the casing and place your hands on the tick lining and push the feathers around and bunch your hands together. When finished, set the cushions back into place. For a smoother look brush your hands over the cushions.
  4. Vacuum with Caution - Do not vacuum your cushions on a high setting as it will pull the feathers out of the tick lining. With caution, please use the lowest setting available if you require to vacuum your cushions.

Feather wrapped cushions are encased in a down-proof cover however feathers will poke through from time-to-time. This is considered normal performance, and is not a defect.

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