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Modular Seating with Deep Comfort

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Published on February 1, 2019

Time to start cozying up for Winter ...Here, we’re showing one of our popular styles configured - in different ways ...

We’re approaching our (l-o-n-g) winter season; and creating a warm, cozy and inviting environment is the key to enduring those wintery nights.

We’re here to help you add coziness in your home - no worries, we’ll show you how easily
achievable it can be by choosing the right items, fabrics, colours, and textures. Here are some simple ways to warm-up your interior space, beginning with the most utilized room in your home - the ‘ever-lived-in’ living room, den or great room.

The season’s buzzwords in comfort – are the 4 “c’s” .... cozy, cuddling, clouds, cocooning. We are showing one example (from our large selection) of ‘cocooning pieces’ which help make your living room an inviting sanctuary designed to make you ‘feel good’ - while you cozy-up and stay warm.

This casual seating - is modular, and can be moved around to accommodate different scenarios. You will notice a softer, less structured seating for maximum comfort. We offer a choice of covers, including performance fabrics which are very family-friendly. If you have room, you can create a larger sectional, allowing for maximum seating for you, your family and friends, but if you need space to dance around, you can scatter the pieces around.

Next ...lets take a look at hardwood or tiled floors - yes, easy to clean and maintain, but they are cold on the feet and feel of a room! To warm things up, our tip is to introduce an area rug. A rug also allows you to change things up, and introduce more colour and texture to your room by providing a softer surface for family and friends to lounge on as well. You can add a few large floor cushions for more seating.

Now, lets talk about ‘throws’; a necessity for many areas in your home. Soft and cozy - thick and thin ... options include; cable-knit, tweed knit,Sherpa style wool, waffle weave, fleecy, Chenille, silk or faux fur. You may also want different sizes so you can cuddle with someone, or on your own.

If you don’t have a coffee table: use a large ottoman or storage coffee table to centre the room and provide you with an area to eat (snacks or casual dinners like pizza or cheese and wine get-together) and an area to play your games or create your puzzles.

A fireplace is the ultimate source for warmth! If you’ve always wanted one: think of buying an entertainment console with a built-in electric fireplace. Today’s electric fireplaces are energy efficient, visually appealing, safe, and a fraction of the cost of installing a real one.

And, what’s a fireplace without a favourite chair or recliner right next to it? It’s the perfect place to curl up with a great book or more likely, your electronic device streaming the latest series!


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