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The Chesterfield Shop team have just come back from High Point Market, North America's largest home furnishings trade show. If you've never been, High Point Market is a bustling hub of innovation and design trends, styles, inspirations. So, let's dive right into the top 5 trends for fall that were the most prominent at the market.

1. Fall & Earthy Colours
Bright and rich fall colors took center stage at High Point Market, and they're here to stay. Rust orange, fiery reds, mustard yellow, and greens ranging from sage to mossy green. These rich colours offered a striking bold contrast to the sea of whites and creams that we see so often. From sumptuous greens to fiery rust oranges, these tones really captured the essence of autumn and offered a luxe but cozy look.

2. Curves & Round Shapes
Chic and graceful contours were very popular this market. It wasn't just round and curved sofas; curves were seen on lots of arms, legs, and even the backs of chairs and sofas. This trend is redefining elegance and contemporary chic in the world of furniture. I’m sure we’ll see more of these curve lines as interior design shifts toward making living spaces an oasis that benefits our well-being.

3. Rich Luxe Leathers
Rich and luxurious leathers in shades of brown were a standout trend at High Point Market. From dark espresso to whiskey and even bright cognac with a hint of orange, these sumptuous leathers exude exceptional luxury. When paired with textured rugs, pillows, and throws, your space transforms into a sumptuous haven. These classic materials made a striking return, providing timeless elegance for your home.

4. Fall Florals
Florals aren't just for spring anymore. These florals weren't hyper feminine or super vibrant, instead they were toned down, muted colours/patterns that were earthy- bringing a touch of nature's elegance to living spaces. This subtlety added a cool, and delightful visual interest to spaces while offering a soothing and comforting presence, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. Embrace the organic and lighter feel of fall with these timeless floral accents.


5. Mixing Natural Accents
Picture the blending of cool, hard stone with grainy, dark woods in accent chairs, lamps and tables. The blend of cool, hard stone with grainy, dark woods offered a captivating contrast that balances nature while grounding your space. There was also a real craze for organic moss/grass wall installations adding a unique and fresh touch of greenery to the interiors. These natural elements simply elevate spaces by creating a harmonious look and feel.

To summarize, High Point Market Fall 2023 brought a refreshing shift to the world of home furnishings and interior design. It's all about comfort and well-being by embracing shapes and colors that make us feel good. I couldn't help but notice the growing preference for cozy, soothing beiges over the cool reign of greys that once dominated showrooms and homes. It's a sign of the times, as homes become places to unwind and re-energize, fusing style and comfort effortlessly.

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