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Published on October 6, 2017

I make a lot of purchases online, but a sofa, sectional, sofa bed or home theatre? I don’t understand how you can buy seating without lounging, reclining and throwing your legs up to see exactly how it feels! Our body types are so different! (Ever try buying a pair of new jeans without trying on at least 4 pairs?)

Not all furniture is built the same, and a lot of different factors determine the quality and the price.

The Chesterfield Shop has been the #1 “seating specialty” retailer in the GTA since 1948! With 6 convenient locations, please come see us and speak to one of our expert associates who will help you determine which fabric, leather and particular style will suit your lifestyle – our staff will ask you all the right questions to help you choose correctly.

After all, we are your leather and fabric super store and more made in North America!

The Frame:
Look for a frame that is made from kiln-dried hardwood (poplar, ash, oak, or maple). The drying removes moisture from the wood, preventing warping and cracking over time. You find less expensive furniture frames are made of engineered wood, such as plywood or MDF (medium-density fibre board), don’t expect the piece to last as long.

You should also pay attention to how the frame is constructed. The joints and corners should be glued, double-doweled, and reinforced with blocking (longer sofas will have a center support to further stabilize the framework), for a strong, stable and reinforced frame.

The Foundation:
Constructions include steel spring configurations, which offer equal comfort and durability. In general, the number of springs and how they are reinforced determines cost and quality. Sit firmly on a side edge and listen for squeaks and creaks, which may suggest the springs are incorrectly placed or hitting the frame.

The Cushions:
Cushions are normally wrapped or crowned with polyester, low-density foam or other soft material for added comfort. Wrapping gives the cushion a soft look and helps prevent fabric from rubbing against the dense foam core and fills cushion corners.

Polyurethane foam seat cushions, containing high-density foam (2.0 pounds per cubic foot polymer density or greater) are desirable. They offer better support and durability than lower density foam seats. Back cushions do not need foam to be as dense, many use shredded foam (which is cheaper to use - but may eventually shift, compact and settle, getting lumpy and uneven looking).

Most importantly... Measure your Space
As important as it is to choose the proper shape, configuration and size depending on your room, it is most important to measure the path your new sofa is going to take as it comes through your front door, by looking at your entrance clearance, corners, halls, ceiling, light fixtures, stairways or elevators (if you’re in a condo, townhome or apartment). Measure: width, height, and diagonal width. A sofa should be at least 4 inches smaller than your passage measurements to ensure it will be able to be maneuvered into your home easily.

Don’t forget seat depth and sofa length if you like to throw your legs up, snooze, snuggle with your family or pets or grab your book or TV remote to settle in for a few hours of great relaxation!

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