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The Chesterfield Shop Living Room Set Worth a Jump From a Plane

The Chesterfield Shop
Published on June 26, 2013

The Chesterfield Shop’s clients share their unique story about a furniture purchase that led to a skydiving experience:

“A few weeks ago, my boyfriend Dave and I moved into our first place together. We were in desperate need of a couch for our living room. So two weeks ago on a Friday night, we were determined to find a couch as we only had a futon and recliner in our living room. We came across The Chesterfield Shop in Mississauga and decided to go in and look. Dave found a couch and love seat in our budget and called me over to show it to me. I liked it and we talked to our sales rep and told him we would like to take them, and a coffee table and end table. Then my boyfriend had a huge grin on his face and laughed. He then tells our rep about “the deal”. Dave is a recreational skydiver, and has been trying to get me to jump out of a plane since last summer. He got the brilliant idea that if he purchases the living room for our new place, I have to jump out of a plane, the next opportunity available. The rep has a nervous laugh, and I don’t really think he believed us. Fast forward to Sunday, I then travel up 10,500ft into the sky, stick my feet out of the plane, get a little push and AWAY I went! I think I got the best deal though, a couch, love seat, coffee table, end table, a great story, and an amazing thrill!”

Jana and Dave

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