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Solving The Furniture Shopping Conundrum – Tips for Buying The Right Furniture For Your Space and Budget

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Published on May 30, 2012

Buying a new piece of furniture can be both enjoyable, stressful and also a conundrum! Depending on your room space and budget, what is the best item to purchase? A pair of chairs? A sofa or loveseat? A sectional with a chaise? A sofabed? And then there’s the cover treatment dilemma: fabric or leather? And what about kids and pets? Both awesome…but they can change the whole story with regards to wear and tear! So….what to do?

First of all, take a good look at your room and don’t forget to measure. Elevators and doorways can be narrower than you think. Make a drawing, even on a napkin! Decide on a budget. What else needs to go with your new furniture and what can be reused? The table and lamps? Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a new sofa and you’re done. Pick a colour that makes you happy. There are some gorgeous earth and sky palettes that will completely and easily transform your room.

Now for the fun part- shop around! Make notes in each place and decide what is worth a re-visit. Where are you in your life? Will spilled beer get absorbed or come out easily? Dog hair? Baby spit? A durable leather or a soft one? A muted fabric with texture or a lovely soft micro-fibre? Does it have great legs? (Everyone loves great legs! They can be fabulous in wood or metal or can present a hazard to your zooming vacuum cleaner or errant baby toys.)

Ask about special custom orders, leather and fabric cleaners and delivery. Will the retailer provide a warranty for their products and do they have a good reputation? Will they be around in a year or two if you have a cleaning or service issue?

Make sure you sit, lie, lounge and pull out your TV remote control (just kidding…but people have brought them to the store, honestly!)

Comfort, style, quality and value are the keys to a great piece of contemporary furniture.

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