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Sleepover solution in complete comfort & style with the Comfort Sleeper® sofa beds

We LOVE living spaces ... because the new ‘great’ room or den is the heart of the home. Basically, it’s where all the action takes place, be it: lounging, enjoying family time (binge watching a series or playing board games) or entertaining family and friends. We’re featuring the Comfort Sleeper® in-case your guests become overnight guests ... ‘Ready when life unfolds...’

We have a large assortment of Comfort Sleepers® by American Leather® - in your choice of leather, fabric (including performance fabrics) and choice of a rainbow colours in luxurious UltraSuede®

Life is Beautiful...but also, surprising and unpredictable. You never know what the doorbell will bring, but you can be ready for it. With timeless designs, exceptional construction and fully customizable finishes, the American Leather® Comfort Sleeper® is always ready when life unfolds.

Promising craftsmanship and comfort in equal, elevated measures. Comfort Sleeper® by American Leather® is the utmost in style, comfort (with the choice of 3 mattress options: TEMPUR-PEDIC®, GEL or Premier) and functionality. You have to FEEL the difference!

Come see for yourself - take a seat and test the mattress, too ... our Sales Professionals are ready to assist you!

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