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Reclining Motion Seating- Trending!

The Chesterfield Shop
Published on February 15, 2019

Trending... Reclining, motion seating for your family room, den or favourite seating space - furniture!

Why is reclining seating so popular? Ease, convenience, comfort and allowing the ability to get just the right ‘fit’ for your viewing, reading and lounging comfort (sleeping ).

We have a vast selection available and now - just in ... two new - contemporary styles to choose from - available in fabric, leather/vinyl combination or all-leather. A practical feature you’ll come to appreciate: all the backs of these reclining pieces are removable - making moving, placement and rearranging of your furniture easier to handle.


Come in and see us, take a seat … and speak to one of our Sales Professionals - who can advise you on getting
‘fitted’ with the best reclining furniture for your specific wants and needs.

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