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What’s new with MOTION furniture & POWER?

Well… absolutely everything!

Power recliner furniture is really hitting its stride and here are the reasons why.

You can manually open your furniture with a “pull handle” or a discreet “side” or “inner” button, or power-it-up with a small toggle containing an easy up-and-down switch.

“Motion” furniture can be streamlined, sleek and contemporary or more traditional with cushy full seats and back pillows, both styles are ultra comfortable and very fashionable.

Motion furniture comes available as sofas, loveseats, sectionals, chairs and home theatre seating.

This white leather curved sectional highlights a room. You can also buy it in many configurations.

This white leather home theatre grouping has a tablet holder and cupholders. The sky is the limit with new “add-ons” arriving daily, including wine glass holders and chargers for your electronics.

Recliner chairs can recline all the way back to a sleeping position with supportive head, neck and foot rests. Sitting in a reclining position takes the weight off your back and elevates your legs, reducing the strain on your back. Many chairs can be purchased as “wall huggers,” and this space-saver means that you can have your chair mere inches from your wall. When you recline, the chair moves forward into the reclining position and not backwards towards the wall. Recliner chairs can be large or petite to fit any height, body type and room setting.

“Lift” chairs will lift you “up and out” to a standing position- easily and without any effort. This is convenient for any of us who need assistance and support going from a sitting to a standing position. They lift slowly and steadily without fear of tipping, they are excellent for seniors and those with disabilities.

Also note: if for medical reasons you require a lift chair, bring in a doctor’s note and you will be tax exempt.

Watch this short YouTube video on Power Lift Chairs to see how easily they lift!

Don’t hesitate to come in to see our full line-up, and please call to ask questions about the functionality, comfort, style and ease of motion furniture.

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