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Notes from Highpoint, North Carolina Spring 2015 Furniture Market

The Chesterfield Shop
Published on May 14, 2015

The doyenne, or mothership of International Furniture Shows, occurs twice each year in Highpoint, North Carolina. This year’s furniture market was April 18-23rd, and it did not disappoint!

Showroom after showroom (seven million square feet of furniture space!) displayed new and exciting products, great designs, and gorgeous colours in fabrics, leathers, and distinct trends. The changes, while subtle, portray the never-ending activities of artistic designers, always pushing the envelope of creativity to alter and modify what has come before and what is going to be. Like the clothing industry, furniture fashion is incredibly liquid, and each particular genre has its own distinct flavour.

The Chesterfield Shop, Toronto’s premier seating specialist, brings in new and exciting furniture seating every few weeks, keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, comfort, colour and design. So here’s what’s new at the 2015 Highpoint Furniture Market — lots to look forward to for summer and fall deliveries to the stores.

Colour. The old favourites are still very strong: all shades of cream, taupe, and beige, whites and tans, all browns in every variation, a hypnotic array of golds and silvers, and the easy-going greys (the past couple of seasons’ go-to colour for everything). Gorgeous deep navy shows its might in velvet, textures, patterns, and in leather or fabric in its many variation and shades. Chairs stand tall in great solids as accents: orange, burgundy, rust, and even pink!

High Legs: Beautiful high legs show up on everything from sofas to chairs to accent pieces.

Nail heads: These features are virtually everywhere. Nail heads are strong again in many colours and textures, but are smaller this year and very predominant in brush nickel or bronze finishes. Some embellish only the arms of the sofa or chair, some run up and down the rails, and some are doubled up for a clean, precise effect. Whatever way you see them, they are always stunning and always make a statement.

Sofa with a chaise: One of the most wonderful changes to the “common” sofa is still going strong. Add a beautiful chaise for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.

Buttons and tufting: The loveliest of embellishments from the original “chesterfield” style, buttons and tufting stand out on backs, sides, and seats. They dress up your furniture and makes a beautiful statement on their own.

Welts or contrasting welts: Another dress-up feature for this year is a thick or thin line, serving as a contrast to the colour or to keep the welt the same as the fabric. This brings the piece up a notch and makes a subtle and fashionable change.

Pairs of chairs: Why have one, when you can have two? There’s nothing like a pair of chairs! Be it slipper or armless, wing or high-back, tub or club, good things come in twos.

Ratchetted headrests: The ultimate feature for neck and head support makes a strong debut this market. This is a very contemporary and definitely distinct look.

Ottomans: Ottomans continue to look gorgeous as extra seating, or as table substitutes.

Home theatre: What could be better than kicking back on one of these beauties and watching
House of Ca rds on Netflix?

Wing chairs: Whether in gorgeous fabric florals or soft supple leather, there’s nothing like a wing chair- or two!

So that’s the immediate run-down of the Spring Market — stay tuned for more updates. As new merchandise arrives in the stores, I will be blogging and putting up pictures on
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