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Notes from Highpoint, North Carolina, Fall 2015 Furniture Market

The Chesterfield Shop
Published on October 29, 2015

The International Fall Furniture Market – What’s New and Trending!

Just back from the furniture market…and there’s lots to report on!

Like clothing, furniture is fashion- and with each new season, the most wonderful designers pull out their architectural wands to introduce gorgeous new styles.

When it comes to seating, it’s all about scale.

This season, centimetres matter, legs are higher and an increased seat in both width and depth elevates comfort to a new level. Wood treatment is everywhere- and trending most noticeably on chairs and sofa rails.

Sumptuous velvets are everywhere, blues and greys continue to prove their endurance, with new introductions of teal, apple green and cobalt. Note the multi-size pillow treatment!

Navy blue, subtle stitching and metallic legs are everywhere!

Still going strong- everything is in “pairs”- why just have one, when you can have two?

Pairs of chairs of every design continue to be the big story, and ottomans and

lighting also make a playful pair.

Pillow treatment is fabulous- lots of colour and multi-shapes.

Statement-making is the new “flatter” bench ottoman in leather… with a button treatment.

Nail heads adorn as fashion jewellery.

Carpets are washed out and look gorgeously vintage.

Gold and rose-gold accessories are gorgeous- as in tables!

And check out these fabulous recliners- A parade of colours to highlight any room -and make it pop!

Some quick final notes…furniture fashion design has never been more exciting!

Clean lines, comfort and high style rule the day.

Manufacturers are introducing gel foam seating for maximum comfort.

Fresh new looks, lots of colour, fabulous scale and lots of accessorizing with nail heads, pillows, button tufting, velvets, and a whole spectrum of colour in leathers and fabrics. Anything goes!

Stay tuned for new product coming through the doors, Christmas and Boxing Week are around the corner and The Chesterfield Shop will be front and centre with the latest in design, style, and as always, the very best value.

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