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Home Theatre!- Bring the Cineplex Home!

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Published on March 29, 2019

This new Home Theatre Collection has a visually appealing design and features the latest in modern technology. You will experience maximum comfort with the power headrest and power lumbar feature -allowing you to enjoy comfort while enjoying your favourite movie or sporting event.

The clean-sleek styling provides support for your entire body when fully reclined. The power headrest, recline and lumbar functions are easily operated by a sleek brushed metal switch with integrated USB charging. With a convenient home button, all power functions will easily and quickly return to the fully closed position.

Available in a multitude of configurations to suit any space, you can set up as many rows as needed to distinguish the lounging ambience for any occasion. As if these features were not enough, you can choose from a variety of accessories, all designed to enhance functionality and keep up with the demands of a highly efficient space.

Come see us and take a seat ... and speak to one of our Sales Professionals who can advise you on setting up your viewing room.

Don’t forget to add a floor lamp and an area rug to pull your look together.


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