City Size Seating- Small Space Solutions!

The Chesterfield Shop
Published on April 12, 2019

Not really New ... but, ‘news-worthy’ - we are experts in small space olutions. We’re here to help anyone who is downsizing, moving into their first apartment, loft or condo - come see our City Size® line of seating, specifically designed for small spaces.

Let’s start with functional and space appropriate family room furniture...

Furnishing a small space is a challenge but definitely do-able. A good strategy is to choose functional items to make the most of your small space. Let’s begin with the top 4 space-saving pieces:

  • 1. Modular pieces allow you to create a size and configuration that best suits your lifestyle. Easily move pieces around to accommodate different scenarios in your space.
  • 2. Sofa beds are versatile and allow you to easily turn any room into a sleep area for overnight guests. Even though the primary use is seating - you will want to look for features you would find in a regular sofa: style, fabric or leather preference, size, shape and so on. Sizes usually include: twin, double, queen and queen plus, and of course look for a comfortable mattress with a good operating mechanism. The most notable improvement in this category are the variety and quality of mattress and mechanism options – they open like a charm and ‘sleep’ like a baby.
  • 3. Storage Ottoman in your living room can and will be used in so many ways: as seating to accommodate extra guests, as storage to hide extra toss cushions, throws and other clutter or as a coffee table (with a tray; to serve treats, drinks, cocktails, coffee or tea).
  • 4. Nesting Tables and/or Ottomans ... nesting tables are a set of small tables that are graduated in size and height. Easily nested together as one to save space – and used individually to provide a surface to serve or eat on when entertaining. Ottomans have duel function, use them in pairs for extra seating or as tables.


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