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Published on August 16, 2018

Expert Tip - A little about Zero Gravity Chair

The Zero Gravity Chair ... This technology was developed by NASA; primarily to assist astronauts to manage the pressure of gravity on their bodies. It is believed that sitting in this position reduces pressure points and better aligns your spine and enhances circulation and respiration.

My Experience
After walking at High Point Market all day (easily achieving 15,000 steps); I tried a zero-gravity chair in one a vendor showroom. The timing was perfect: nearing the end of the day and pretty exhausted. So, I tried a Zero Gravity Chair; basically, designed to recline (with a power mechanism) in a position that begins to feels just right. The adjustable chair, specifically designed to support you while creating a sense of weightlessness, comfort and relaxation on your whole body. I immediately felt my back starting to decompress, and stretch – I felt my circulation ramping up and started to feel relaxed and energized at the same time.

The zero-gravity chair technology will have you experience:

  • reduced back pain
  • decreased muscle tension
  • reduced strain on the heart
  • increased lung capacity
  • raised blood oxygen levels - leading to better circulation

Yes, now I want (need) a Zero Gravity chair in my home because it may be my newfound ‘fountain of youth’.

Interested in trying one yourself? Come in to The Chesterfield Shop and speak to one of our expert associates who will help you determine if a Zero Gravity chair is a good choice for you ... Here are 2 of the styles we carry ... available in a number of Leather or Fabric choices. After all, we are: “your SEATING super store and more ...”

Coming Soon - a heat option to further the total experience, what next - massage?

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