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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Sofa

The Chesterfield Shop
Published on January 17, 2014

The focal piece of any living space is always the furniture – it makes a statement about your room and your particular style. Most people aren’t able to redecorate as often as they’d like so when the time comes to purchase a new sofa, sectional or chair, it’s best to get it right and make the most of your investment.

The Chesterfield Shop wants to make sure you never experience “sofa envy” again. To ensure that you’re happy with your sofa purchase and help guide you through the shopping process, keep these important factors in mind:


Of course, one of the major considerations when buying a piece of furniture is cost. A sofa is an investment, so when you buy a sofa, don’t underestimate the importance of quality. A good sofa can serve you and your family well for years. Sofa prices differ according to fabric, leather, style and construction.

Chesterfield Shop Tip:
Before you visit The Chesterfield Shop, establish a budget. We’re happy to help you find a sofa within your budget that meets your needs.


A key factor to consider when shopping for a new sofa is size. It goes without saying that your sofa needs to fit your space! A sofa that’s too small can leave the room looking bare and underwhelming while a sofa that’s too large can make a room look claustrophobic and cluttered.

Can your room accommodate a loveseat and a regular sofa? Will a larger sectional fit into your space? Are you better off with a pair of chairs? Before you shop, take measurements to make sure your selection will fit your space like a glove. Don’t forget to consider what particular shape will work within your space. The Chesterfield Shop specializes in “condo-size” and small pieces with removable backs and arms…so it’ll fit!

Chesterfield Shop Tip:
Don’t forget to measure your hallways and doorways to make sure that the sofa can be safely moved into your room of choice. We can always come and measure for you if you’re not sure.


While the design and aesthetic of your sofa is important, you want your sofa to be functional. Consider whether you prefer a firmer, more square-armed contemporary sofa or something softer and cozier with loose back cushions. Also, make sure the sofa you purchase has a solid hardwood frame (you don’t want the middle sagging a few months down the road!)

Chesterfield Shop Tip:
The only way to determine whether or not you find a sofa comfy is to sit or lie on it, so swing by one of our five GTA locations and try them out. Our showrooms are 100% “sit-friendly”….some people even bring their TV remote buttons and kick their feet up (yes, seriously!)


What’s your design aesthetic? You don’t have to be an interior decorating guru, but the shape and lines of your sofa should “fit” with the aesthetic of your living or family room. Do you want a sofa with high or low legs? Do you prefer for the arms of the sofa to be straight, round or armless? Try to determine what “look” you’re going for, be it contemporary, traditional or somewhere in-between.

Another major style consideration is fabric or leather. The cover you select will be dictated by whether or not you have pets or children, your budget and – of course – your design aesthetic. Once you know what you prefer, you can decide whether you want a fabric in a solid or pattern, soft or more durable leather, or a plush microfibre.

Chesterfield Shop Tip:
Visit our online catalogue to see what styles catch your eye. But remember, because there are so many styles and styles are always changing, only a few of the styles we carry are listed online. You can also bring in magazine photos of couches that appeal to you so we can help you find a similar style that suits your space. You can customize your furniture “cover” to make it a perfect, original fit for your room. This usually takes 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the manufacturer.


When you’re purchasing a sofa, it’s easy to pick a neutral colour like black, brown, navy blue, beige or cream. These colours typically work in a variety of spaces and blend with your existing furniture and wall colour.

That being said, if you love colour, be brave! Choosing a bright or bold coloured sofa will make it pop and make a visual impact in the room you’re decorating.

Chesterfield Shop Tip:
Bring a photo of your living or family room to The Chesterfield Shop so that we can see what colours will work best with your existing decor.

To simplify the shopping process, determine your sofa “must haves”
you start shopping. What’s your budget? What size sofa will your space accommodate? Come visit The Chesterfield Shop and one of our associates will help you find the perfect piece of furniture for your home, condo, apartment, loft, cottage, or townhome. There’s something gorgeous to fit your space …and your vision.

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