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Accessories- The Finishing Touch!

The Chesterfield Shop has the best seating in the business!

But the “candy” is what finishes your room and makes it a home.

You have found the perfect sofa, sectional, home theatre and chair- and now comes the “extra” fun part.

The Chesterfield Shop has a huge selection of lovely carpets (shown in 5 x 7, but available in many sizes) available in beautiful textures, colours and easy price-points.

Gorgeous pillows complete your seating, choose from different patterns and designs, including oversized and “kidney” sized, and to complete the look- pair your pillows with a neutral or colourful “throw” in wool, cotton, or cashmere.

Contemporary curated wall-art and lamps of all shapes and sizes adds the final kiss.

Congratulations on your beautiful new room, enjoy it for many years to come!

Come in to any one of our 6 great locations- or call for full details.


The Chesterfield Shop
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