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Is Leather For You?

Long Live Leather!

Leather is the longest lasting, most durable upholstery material known to man and is perfect for any room of your home or office. It will easily withstand the harsh rigours of daily life, including the wear and tear that can be caused by children and pets. Although the initial investment of quality leather may be more than fabric upholstery, leather is actually your best value in the long run as it can outlast fabric four to one.

What Is Naked Leather?

Naked leather is a term used for a pure aniline dyed leather where no additional protective coats have been applied. It is the softest and richest looking leather available. Naked leather gains a patina, accepting body oils. It also deepens in colour over the years, achieving an elegant weathered appearance and rich glow.

What Is Protected Leather?

Protected aniline leather is usually less expensive and more common than pure aniline or semi-aniline leather. Its colouration is more consistent and because it has been coated with protective pigments, the leather’s natural markings are less noticeable. These protected leathers are more heavily pigmented than semi-aniline leather and are easier to clean than pure leather because surface pigments repel water and stains … standing up well to heavy use.

Which Leather Is Right For Me?

There are as many different kinds of leather as there are fabric choices. Only you can decide which leather is right for you. There are many variables involved – type of use, design of your room, the look and feel you want … to list just a few.

What Should I Look For When Shopping For A Leather Sofa?

The most important step in choosing leather furniture is often the most ignored, quite simply, the leather itself. You need to be educated about leather, after all , what do you really know about leather upholstery? We take the time to explain to you about the different grades of leather, so that you will be able to make an informed decision on which quality best fits your needs. We then take you inside the furniture and show you what to look for in construction, such as: corner-blocked, double-doweled, hardwood frames with tempered steel springs and so on. From how thick the wood should be to the spacing on the springs, we’ll show you what to look for in quality construction.

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