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Buying Tips

Why should I buy leather and which kind is right for me?

Leather is the longest lasting, most durable upholstery material known to man and is perfect for any room of your home or office. It will easily withstand the harsh rigours of daily life, including wear and tear that can be caused by children and pets. Although the initial investment in quality leather may be more than fabric upholstery, leather really is the best value in the long run as it can sometimes outlast fabric four to one.

Choosing the right leather to suit your particular lifestyle and budget, can often be confusing since there are so many grades of leather.

Some of the variables that should be considered:

  • the types of use
  • the design of your room
  • colour scheme
  • the look you want

But the most important aspect to consider when choosing leather furniture is often the most overlooked … quite simply the leather itself. You need to be educated about the different leather grades, so that you will be able to make an informed decision on which quality best fits your needs. Make sure you go to a reputable store, ask the right questions and get the right answers.

How can I tell if what I’m looking at is all leather?

Quite simply, if it’s all leather it’ll say “all-leather”… hey, it’ll shout “all-leather”. Watch out for such common but misleading ads, signage and come-ons like, “genuine leather seating”, or “100% Italian leather look”. These statements imply “all leather” furnishings but in reality are anything but. Many of these products are upholstered with a vinyl or PVC match in not only non-wear areas but at critical stress and wear points, too. This often allows these sofas to be priced lower than all leather; but also makes them less durable. Basically, you get what you pay for.

It is also important to note that even the word “leather” on its own is a very generic term, with many, many differences in tanning techniques, finishes and qualities. For example, the split part of a hide, while technically “all leather”, is not recommended for wear or stress points.

The bottom line? If you want all leather, make sure it clearly says “all leather”, and the best way to ensure that is by going to a reputable store with the leather experts and expertise you want and need.

How can I be house proud?

With updated technology and a global marketplace to choose from, prestigious upholstery designs and top quality are becoming increasingly affordable. Yet with all-too-outrageous offers from competing stores, it is imperative that the customer do their homework to make sure that they are making the correct and informed purchasing decisions.

The Chesterfield Shop, never one to underestimate the customer, understands that the home is an important statement of an individual’s personal brand – their style, taste, sophistication, priorities and values. The homeowner tends to personify their house, talking about its heart, soul, intelligence, style, grace, and beauty almost as if it were an extension of themselves. That is why we don’t believe in “hocus-pocus” 50% off-and-more offers, but just to provide superior quality and unique design at a tremendous value. We deliver wonderful pieces that last longer and perform better – expressing your individual sense of style.

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