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Expert Tip - A little about Zero Gravity Chair The Zero Gravity Chair ... This technology was developed by NASA; primarily to assist astronauts to manage the pressure of gravity on their bodies. It is believed that sitting in this position reduces pressure points and better aligns your spine and enhances circulation and respiration. My […]
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The Chesterfield Shop Expert Tip Online shopping - not so easy when buying new living room seating We hear so much about the growing trend towards online shopping - I get it, and do it myself, but certain items-just don’t’ make sense. I think Furniture is one of those things ... lets look at living […]
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The Beauty and Well-being of a Zero Gravity Recliner!

Newly arrived at The Chesterfield Shop, this amazing technology was developed by NASA, and designed to assist their astronauts in managing the pressure of gravity on their bodies. Sitting in multiple positions reduces pressure points, and better aligns your spine and enhances circulation and respiration. The Zero Gravity Chair is designed to recline using a […]
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What’s New in the furniture world at-large? Check out: Musical chairs, tables, lamps and more

What’s New in the furniture world at-large? Check out: Musical chairs, tables, lamps and more. By Ellen Himelfarb, Globe & Mail, Nov. 16, 2017
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The Chesterfield Shop has been in business since 1948 (close to 70 years) and serving multiple generations of Torontonians in the GTA with 6 convenient locations! Come in and speak to one of our expert associates who will help you determine what kind of leather furniture is perfect for your particular lifestyle- you will be […]
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I make a lot of purchases online, but a sofa, sectional, sofa bed or home theatre? I don’t understand how you can buy seating without lounging, reclining and throwing your legs up to see exactly how it feels! Our body types are so different! (Ever try buying a pair of new jeans without trying on […]
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Off the Wall by Anya Georgijevic. (Globe and Mail Feb. 9, 2017)

Check out this great article by Anya Georgijevic about the revolution going on with 'wall treatments!' Embrace your gorgeous neutral furniture- and dress up your walls. Read the Full Article
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Toronto's very best SOFA-BED selection!

You have just moved into a new apartment, studio, condo, loft, town home or house- and there’s that one space that needs filling. You know that one day you are going to need an extra bed for your parents, friend, relative, or friend-of-a-friend to crash on. What to do? Futons are lousy. So not comfortable. […]
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The Pinnacle Collection! Canadian Made - Gorgeously Crafted and mentioned in a shout-out by The Toronto Sun! (Thanks!)

STRICTLY SAVINGS STROLL INTO WAREHOUSE SAVINGS! THE CHESTERFIELD SHOP: The Company famous for living room comfort has recently announced the arrival of a new, Canadian-made contemporary line of furniture called The Pinnacle Collection — comfortable, urban, and sleek, with a quiet motorized head and footrest. The furniture is designed by a Canadian and manufactured and constructed […]
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Spring @thechesterfieldshop!

Spring Activity @ The Chesterfield Shop! With summer finally on our doorstep, there’s so much to catch up on! The Chesterfield Shop has been busy! With five stores in Toronto, Downtown, Mississauga, Scarborough and Newmarket, and the best seating to be found in Canada, we are certain to have whatever you have envisioned to be […]
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