Top 5 Fall Trends for Home Furniture

The Chesterfield Shop team have just come back from High Point Market, North America's largest home furnishings trade show. If you've never been, High Point Market is a bustling hub of innovation and design trends, styles, inspirations. So, let's dive right into the top 5 trends for fall that were the most prominent at the market.

1. Fall & Earthy Colours
Bright and rich fall colors took center stage at High Point Market, and they're here to stay. Rust orange, fiery reds, mustard yellow, and greens ranging from sage to mossy green. These rich colours offered a striking bold contrast to the sea of whites and creams that we see so often. From sumptuous greens to fiery rust oranges, these tones really captured the essence of autumn and offered a luxe but cozy look.

2. Curves & Round Shapes
Chic and graceful contours were very popular this market. It wasn't just round and curved sofas; curves were seen on lots of arms, legs, and even the backs of chairs and sofas. This trend is redefining elegance and contemporary chic in the world of furniture. I’m sure we’ll see more of these curve lines as interior design shifts toward making living spaces an oasis that benefits our well-being.

3. Rich Luxe Leathers
Rich and luxurious leathers in shades of brown were a standout trend at High Point Market. From dark espresso to whiskey and even bright cognac with a hint of orange, these sumptuous leathers exude exceptional luxury. When paired with textured rugs, pillows, and throws, your space transforms into a sumptuous haven. These classic materials made a striking return, providing timeless elegance for your home.

4. Fall Florals
Florals aren't just for spring anymore. These florals weren't hyper feminine or super vibrant, instead they were toned down, muted colours/patterns that were earthy- bringing a touch of nature's elegance to living spaces. This subtlety added a cool, and delightful visual interest to spaces while offering a soothing and comforting presence, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. Embrace the organic and lighter feel of fall with these timeless floral accents.


5. Mixing Natural Accents
Picture the blending of cool, hard stone with grainy, dark woods in accent chairs, lamps and tables. The blend of cool, hard stone with grainy, dark woods offered a captivating contrast that balances nature while grounding your space. There was also a real craze for organic moss/grass wall installations adding a unique and fresh touch of greenery to the interiors. These natural elements simply elevate spaces by creating a harmonious look and feel.

To summarize, High Point Market Fall 2023 brought a refreshing shift to the world of home furnishings and interior design. It's all about comfort and well-being by embracing shapes and colors that make us feel good. I couldn't help but notice the growing preference for cozy, soothing beiges over the cool reign of greys that once dominated showrooms and homes. It's a sign of the times, as homes become places to unwind and re-energize, fusing style and comfort effortlessly.

Exclusive Easy Living Collection

Our modern collection of Easy Living Sectionals is the epitome of elegance and functionality. Choose from an array of contemporary styles featuring customizable options such as arms, legs, nail heads, tufting, buttons, and materials like wood and metal. Our sectionals offer both stationary and motion/power seating options. To further enhance the look and comfort, add a stylish chaise, bumper, or deep corner unit in your preferred direction and design.

Worried about tight spaces? Some of our sectionals can be disassembled and reassembled to effortlessly maneuver through challenging areas. Plus, if you’re uncertain about your room’s dimensions, we are happy to offer a complimentary “check-measure” service prior to placing an order to guarantee a flawless fit.

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Sleepover solution in complete comfort & style with the Comfort Sleeper® sofa beds

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Design-It-Yourself! (DIY)

We are very excited to launch a new DIY (design it yourself) program - capturing a modern spin with an almost-understated styling. Accessorized with over-sized feather-blend accent cushions (available only on the fabric version). The core design has a variety of arm options to choose from.

The program is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 ...

#1. Select an Arm:  3 styles to choose from: Small Roll-Arm (Transitional), Track Arm (Contemporary),and Flair Arm (Transitional).

#2. Select A Leg Style and Finish:  4 Leg options: Chrome (Contemporary), Brass (Trending), Espresso (Transitional) and Smoke (Contemporary)

#3. Select a Cover:  An extensive selection of leather or fabric, and depending on your preference -
create a Modern, Contemporary or Transitional look (it’s really up to you to decide).


  • Sofa, Condo Sofa, Loveseat, Chair or Sectional
  • 3 Ottoman options (don’t forget ottomans can be used as added seating)
    24” x 24” or 24” x 36” or 36” x 36”

Come in and speak to one of our Sales Professionals; bring your room dimensions and pictures and enjoy a great Chesterfield Shop shopping experience!

One Style- A Million Seating Possibilities!

Not really new, just an emphasizing what we will do for you ... take one style and
discover all the possibilities ....
take this unique collection with contemporary European flair, will add an element of style to your living area with unique details and an organic shape. Featuring layers of coil, foam and a memory foam topper to create a consistent support and comfort. The generous arm-pillow sits between the seat and arm, embracing you while seated. The memory foam top layer ensures a soft, plush seat that is perfect for sinking into as you relax at the end of a long day. Sleek lines and irresistible comfort characterize this collection. You will enjoy both entertaining and relaxing with this contemporary piece. Let’s look at some options when working with this collection:

Come in and speak to one of our Sales Professionals (don’t forget to bring your room dimensions and pictures) and enjoy a great Chesterfield Shop - ‘shopping’ experience.!


Collection Features

Frame Construction: Frame is constructed from engineered wood products, hardwood or softwood; joints are pinned and glued for uniformity and strength

Cushions: Attached seat cushions feature a high resiliency, high density foam core with a polyester wrap, Semi-attached back cushions feature a fibre filling, blown into channels to prevent shifting and provide pillow-soft comfort

Suspension: Back suspension features 100% premium elastic webbing to provide consistent comfort and support

Seat suspension features pocket coils encased in high-resiliency seat foam, engineered to provide the comfort and sensation of premium spring seating

Covers: Choose from an array of fabric and leather colours

Features: Single top stitching detail provides a clean and tailored finish (on leather and select fabrics)

Motion Commotion- Motion, Home Theatre and Reclining in Comfort

Continuing to trend: Reclining/Motion Seating & Home Theatre Seating, the reason ... COMFORT!

Achieve ultimate comfort; for your lounging and/or viewing pleasure. Take a look at one of our best sellers...

This modern design - has deep, plush, seats designed to ‘sink into’, further enhanced by a lumbar support that offers a soft yet structured seat. Power headrest and footrest allow for personalized comfort. The sleek and easy to use activation switch, includes USB charging. Each button is shaped differently for easy touch-identification. A convenient home button, activated with a single touch, will return all power functions to the fully closed position.

This collection boasts plush fibre-filled back cushions that are topped with a layer of memory foam that molds to the body. Highlighted by a topstitch detail that offers added comfort and visual appeal to the collection, the back cushions are complemented by plush pillow-top arms.

Available in many configurations, choose a sofa, loveseat, chair or configure your own sectional design to bet suit your home and choice of leather or fabric.

Shown is one style, a mere sampling of what’s in-store when you come to one of our locations. We have so much choice, which translates to so much opportunity for you to create exactly what you need in your living space. Come in and speak to one of our Sales Professionals; bring your room dimensions and pictures and enjoy a great Chesterfield Shop shopping’ experience.!


  • Modern design
  • Hidden plastic glides integrated into the base
  • Double top stitching for a luxurious and tailored finish (on leather and select fabrics)
  • Choose from a rainbow of leather or fabric covers
  • Semi-attached back cushions feature a fibre filling, blown into channels to prevent shifting and provide pillow-soft comfort
  • Full, chaise-style seat cushions feature a high-resiliency, high density foam core with a polyester wrap
  • Back suspension features 100% premium elastic webbing to provide consistent comfort and support
  • Seat suspension features heavy gauge sinuous springs, engineered to provide premium comfort and endurance
  • Power recline, power headrests and power lumbar with a switch -
    featuring integrated USB charging and finished in an attractive brushed metal

Come in, have a look around, have a seat and find what ‘fits’ you best!

Soft, Cozy and Deep – Lounge in Style!

Just in: a perfect depiction of 2019’s hottest living room trend ... easy living - soft, cozy, deep - lounging, living room seating with motion function to get ‘it’ just right!

Shown are the alternative pieces available to create your own unique configuration:


Note: Dimensions shown as WIDTH x DEPTH. The height, unless specified, is 35in (89cm) LHF - left hand facing / RHF - right hand facing / IA - inside arm to inside arm Wall clearance = 3in /8cm Depth in full recline = 65in/ 164cm (measurements apply to reclining pieces only) Specifications are correct at time of printing and are subject to change without notice.

City Size Seating- Small Space Solutions!

Not really New ... but, ‘news-worthy’ - we are experts in small space olutions. We’re here to help anyone who is downsizing, moving into their first apartment, loft or condo - come see our City Size® line of seating, specifically designed for small spaces.

Let’s start with functional and space appropriate family room furniture...

Furnishing a small space is a challenge but definitely do-able. A good strategy is to choose functional items to make the most of your small space. Let’s begin with the top 4 space-saving pieces:


Home Theatre!- Bring the Cineplex Home!

This new Home Theatre Collection has a visually appealing design and features the latest in modern technology. You will experience maximum comfort with the power headrest and power lumbar feature -allowing you to enjoy comfort while enjoying your favourite movie or sporting event.

The clean-sleek styling provides support for your entire body when fully reclined. The power headrest, recline and lumbar functions are easily operated by a sleek brushed metal switch with integrated USB charging. With a convenient home button, all power functions will easily and quickly return to the fully closed position.

Available in a multitude of configurations to suit any space, you can set up as many rows as needed to distinguish the lounging ambience for any occasion. As if these features were not enough, you can choose from a variety of accessories, all designed to enhance functionality and keep up with the demands of a highly efficient space.

Come see us and take a seat ... and speak to one of our Sales Professionals who can advise you on setting up your viewing room.

Don’t forget to add a floor lamp and an area rug to pull your look together.


Sectional Heaven- Every Shape and Size!

Sectionals,sectionals and more sectional...

we have a large assortment of sectionals: in your choice of fabric, performance fabric, UltrasuedeTM or leather, stationary or motion (reclining), large or small, in various combinations with your choice of left-hand-facing or right-hand-facing (depending on your room layout), with or without chaise option. Yes, that’s a lot of choice - here are some examples, come see us for our full line-up.


As you see; this is a very small sampling of what’s in store when you come to one of our locations. We have so much choice, which translates to so much opportunity for you to create exactly what you need in your living space. Come in and speak to one of our Sales Professionals; bring your room dimensions and pictures and enjoy a great
Chesterfield Shop ‘shopping’ experience.!